Study of Dispersion of the Ground Motion Intensity Measure of R/C Frame Minaret

  • Mamdooh Ali Abdullah Al-baadani
  • Mohammed Al-Shameri


This paper is investigated the dispersion of five types of Ground Motion Intensity Measures (IMs) of 3/D RC Minarets using incremental dynamic analysis (IDA). IMs are based on strong motion parameters of sample worldwide earthquakes and classified in terms of Efficiency, Practicality, Proficiency and Sufficiency of building design. IDA curves are used for showing the probability of structural damage due to earthquakes as a function of ground motion intensity measures. The aim of this study is to figure out which IM will give less dispersion of IDA curves of the R/C Frame Minaret of the Al-Rasheed mosque  in Ibb-Yemen designed according to the ACI-318.


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