Aim & Scope

Journal of Geomatics Science (JGS) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which covers all aspects and information on scientific and technical advances in the geomatics sciences. The journal is published quarterly. The manuscripts being submitted should be English. JGS publishes original and innovative contributions in geomatics applications ranging from the integration of instruments, methodologies and technologies and their use in the environmental sciences, engineering and other natural sciences. Geomatics is a branch which is applied widely in many other areas, this journal aims to cover the entire vertical of Geomatics including its application domains. Some of the areas covered in the journal includes, but not limited to, are as followsRemote SensingPhotogrammetryImage processing and analysisDigital MappingGeographical Information systemsGeodesy sciencesSpatial Data AnalysisHeritage recording and mappingApplication of GeomaticsGeology and earth sciences.