Techno-economic Assessment of Hybrid Energy System for Electrification of a Farmhouse in North Karnataka, India

  • Muttakka S. Annigeri
  • Suresh H. Jangamshetti


Acute power crisis in rural areas and rich natural resources of Vijaypur district, North Karnataka, India have dragged the attention to propose a technology for generating electricity from wind and solar resources. This paper presents optimum design, probable performance and economics of a wind-solar hybrid energy system for electrification of a farmhouse near Vijayapur. The local economic facts and meteorological time-series data over a period of three years are used to gauge the feasibility of a hybrid energy system for the real time load demand using HOMER software. The study illustrates that the proposed system would be technically viable. The high initial investments in to the system may hinder its promotion for rural applications, but the system is insulated from ever rising utility and diesel prices. Further, the sensitivity analysis performed indicates excess energy generation. Its cost assessments over the lifespan validate that the system longevity will support the owner’s income over an economic period of 20 years.


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Techno-economic Assessment of Hybrid Energy System for Electrification of a Farmhouse in North Karnataka, India
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