Effect of optimal linear control in human monocytes and macrophages system

  • María Aracelia Alcorta García
  • Yosefat Nava Alemán
  • Nora Elizondo Villarreal
  • Facundo Cortés Martínez
  • Ernesto Torres López
  • Sonia G. Anguiano Rostro
  • Luis Gerardo Garza


Monocytes M and macrophages Mϕ cells are mononuclear essential components of the innate immune system response. M and Mϕ are mononuclear phagocytes that have crucial roles in tissue homeostasis and innate immunity. M Are key players during inflammation and pathogen challenge also are precursor of Mϕ, whereas tissue resident Mϕ has important functions in development, tissue homeostasis and the resolution of inflammation. In previous work, linear optimal control equations with tracking in x2(t) (this is Mϕ) and control only in x1(t), (this is M) were applied obtaining good results. In this work, Linear Optimal Control equations for states x1(t) and x2(t), with tracking in the state x2(t) were applied. It is possible to obtain better convergence results of the states to the asymptotic values (healthy state) when the production rate of (M) and λ into the state equations was modified. Tables and graphics are included.


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