Evaluating employee performances in the Romanian organizations

  • Alexandra Florina Beiu


Performance evaluation is the core business of human resources management, held to determine the extent to which employees of an organization efficiently fulfill their responsibilities or tasks, and it directly influences the performance of the company. In general, the performance achievement of organizational goals designate any would be their nature and variety. Human Resource Management plays a crucial role in achieving the organization's objectives. A key objective for any organization is to achieve performance standards established for its employees. It is very important to distinguish between the notions of performance and competence. If the first is associated with a process or outcome, the second is synonymous with potential. However, the difference between the two concepts is often imperceptible. The market economy of a country is in constant motion and is subject to permanent change processes. The organizations in turn are forced to keep up with these changes in order to remain competitive. The actions of managers take into account each employee as a distinct individual characteristic. The successful application of human resources management requires the existence of a system of performance evaluation of an incentive system to reward employees and results. In these conditions a survey was conducted on identifying appraisal potential employees.


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Evaluating employee performances in the Romanian organizations
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