Journal Contact



Prof. Kuan Min Wang

Department of Finance
College of Business and Management
Overseas Chinese University

     Research Area     

  • international finance
  • financial markets
  • econometrics for finance

Prof. Manuel Ammann

Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance
University of St.Gallen
Rosenbergstrasse 52, CH-9000 St.Gallen

     Research Area     

  • asset management
  • derivatives
  • portfolio theory

Dr. Haitham A. Al Zoubi

Alfaisal University
Saudi Arabia

     Research Area     

  • asset pricing
  • interest rate options
  • Islamic Finance
  • carry trade investment strategies
  • returns predictability

Dr. Diana Barro

Department of Economics
University Ca' Foscari

     Research Area     

  • risk management
  • scenario analysis
  • dynamic portfolio choices
  • investment strategies
  • contagion models

Prof. Dr. Yue-Jun Zhang

Business School
Hunan University

     Research Area     

  • crude oil pricing and forecasting
  • carbon trading
  • energy policy modeling
  • carbon emission