Classification of Cloud Systems Cyber-security Threats and Solutions Directives

  • Hanane Bennasar
  • Mohammad Essaaidi
  • Ahmed Bendahmane
  • Jalel Benothmane


Cloud computing cyber security is a subject that has been in top flight for a long period and even in near future. However, cloud computing permit to stock up a huge number of data in the cloud stockage, and allow the user to pay per utilization from anywhere via any terminal equipment. Among the major issues related to Cloud Computing security, we can mention data security, denial of service attacks, confidentiality, availability, and data integrity. This paper is dedicated to a taxonomic classification study of cloud computing cyber-security. With the main objective to identify the main challenges and issues in this field, the different approaches and solutions proposed to address them and the open problems that need to be addressed.


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Classification of Cloud Systems Cyber-security Threats and Solutions Directives
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