Design and Implementation of Task Reprocessing on Medium-large Multi-core Architecture

  • Satyanarayana CH
  • Ananda Rao A
  • Radica Raju P


EDF-Based real-time scheduling approach is one of the efficient way of scheduling the recurrent real-time tasks in both soft real-time and hard real-time systems. EDF algorithms entile heavy overhead due to lower scheduling and huge migration. In this paper, an exploratory procedure has been presented for reprocessing of neglected task sets and also examine, whether an improved heuristic set attributed as Enhanced shared CAche Performance (ENCAP) can improve the shared cache performance which processes the task set based on Earliest-Deadline-First (EDF). An Object-Oriented real-time code reusable scheduling components which is designed from the scratch referred as LITMUSRT has been used to test the efficiency and average-case accomplishments where per task utilizations are shortened and overall utilization are not restricted. We also discuss the implementation and experimental evaluation of Task-Repo procedure for co-scheduling task sets, under the utilization of 50-60% (per-task) on small to medium-large multicore LINUX SYSTEM.


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