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Prof. Mohammad S. Obaidat

Computer and Information Science
Fordham University
United States

     Research Area     

  • advanced modeling and simulation methodologies
  • agent-directed simulation, including agent simulation, agent-supported simulation, and agent-monitored simulation
  • agents for cognitive and emotive simulations
  • reliability, quality assurance, failure avoidance, and ethics
  • body of knowledge and taxonomies; and Terminology of simulation

Prof. Fairouz Kamareddine

Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
United Kingdom 

     Research Area     

  • automation of text data
  • formal verification
  • syntax and semantics of programming
  • type theory and logic correctness of specification

Prof. Mu-Chun Su 

Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Central University

     Research Area     

  • computational intelligence
  • neural networks
  • fuzzy systems
  • swarm intelligence
  • affective computing
  • human-computer interaction
  • robotics
  • pattern recognition
  • biomedical signal processing
  • image processing
  • rehabilitation technology



Dr. Daniele Rossi

Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
United Kingdom

     Research Area     

  • design for reliability and test
  • energy-efficient digital systems
  • fault modelling
  • aging modelling and resiliency
  • security

Dr. Weiqing Sun

Department of Engineering Technology
University of Toledo
United States

     Research Area     

  • computer and network security, in particular, malware defense and detection, security policy development, intrusion detection, and security issues with unmanned aerial vehicles
  • software defined networking
  • cloud computing
  • healthcare information system
  • transportation information systems
  • mart grids