Support and Reinforcement in the Mining Cycle

The most commonly used mesh is probably welded mesh made of approximately 5 mm thick steel wire and having 100 mm square openings. The steel wire may be galvanised or not. The alternative has been an interwoven mesh known as chain link mesh. The disadvantage of traditional chain link mesh compared with weld mesh has … Read more

Underlying strata failure due to mining

Coal extraction causes strata deformation and failure which may enhance hydraulic conductivity in the surrounding strata. Therefore, it is desirable to accurately determine pre- and post-mining hydraulic conductivities in the overburden and underlying strata of the coal seam. To measure the hydraulic conductivity in the underlying strata, boreholes are drilled pre-mining in underground roadways for … Read more

Immersion of Metals and Alloys

It is the differential electrical potential between the anode (+) and the cathode (-) which is key to the moist corrosion example described above. This differential is primarily generated by the difference in oxygen availability between the edge and the centre of the water droplet. Differential potentials can also be generated by the presence (and … Read more