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Books from AWP are an unparalleled resource for scientific research. The AWP eBook collection delivers complete open access to the collection of scientific, technical and medical publications available today.

About Books Open Access

AWP Books Open Access is a new initiative that allows authors and their funders to publish open access (OA) research monographs. Upon publication, AWP Books Open Access titles will immediately be made available to access and download freely under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.

It is a project by our books division to complement our well-established AWP Open Access journals programmes. It encompasses books on all subjects covered by AWP and our other imprints in the Humanities, Socials Sciences and Behavioural Sciences.

In establishing this programme, AWP is responding to wider developments within the scholarly research community and to those scholars seeking innovative and alternative publishing models to the well-established and traditional formats. It is a service for our authors and those funders who wish to support open access publication.

Why Publish a Book with AWP Books Open Access?

  • Immediate Universal Access

Upon publication, your research monograph will be freely and immediately available online on theAWP ebooks platform and clearly identified as ‘open access’. Readers will be able to read online or download a DRM-free PDF. A free ebook will be available from commercial distributors such as Amazon.

  • Visibility and Discoverability

Your book will have high discoverability via the AWP ebooks platform and we will also deposit a copy in the OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) online library. AWP Books Open Access research monographs will benefit from the full support and global reach of AWP’s sales and marketing departments.

  • Author Retention of Copyright

AWP Books Open Access titles are published under an Open Access AWP License to Publish, based upon the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license. Under this license others may download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially. The AWP License also allows for text- and data-mining of your works.

  • Highest Standards of Scholarship

All AWP Books Open Access monographs are subject to rigorous peer review to ensure academic quality and integrity.

  • Production Values

All AWP Books Open Access monographs go through exactly the same production process as other AWP titles and benefit from the experience, attention to detail and professionalism of our staff.

  • Flexibility of Formats

There will be a freely available online version and a downloadable DRM-free PDF on the AWP ebooks platform. A free ebook will be available from commercial distributors such as Amazon.For customers wanting a hard copy of the book, a print version will also be available for purchase.

  • Preserving your Intellectual Heritage

Publishing your monograph with AWP Books Open Access guarantees the legacy preservation of your scholarship for the widest possible audience. All our AWP Books Open Access titles are also stored in the archives at CLOCKSS and Portico

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