Journal Contact



Prof. Kuan Min Wang

Department of Finance
College of Business and Management
Overseas Chinese University

     Research Area     

  • international finance
  • financial markets
  • econometrics for finance

Prof. Manuel Ammann

Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance
University of St.Gallen

     Research Area     

  • asset management
  • derivatives
  • portfolio theory

Prof. Paschalis Alexandridis

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
University at Buffalo

     Research Area     

  • self-assembly of block copolymers
  • solvent quality effects on polymer structure
  • associating polymers and polymer-surfactant interactions in aqueous solutions
  • polymer-templated nanoparticle synthesis and organization

Prof. Matthew G. Davidson

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies
Head of Inorganic Chemistry Group Department of Chemistry
University of Bath

     Research Area     

  • sustainable chemistry
  • ring-opening polymerization
  • stereoselective polymerization
  • renewable polymers
  • organometallic chemistry

Dr. Patrick Ilg

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Reading

     Research Area     

  • structure and rheology of soft matter (polymer solutions and melts
  • liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymers
  • colloidal magnetic fluids
  • supercooled liquids and glasses)
  • polymer dynamics in flow
  • multiscale modeling and simulation
  • coarse-graining methods
  • nonequilibrium statistical physics and thermodynamics